Visual comfort

Classrooms, libraries, laboratories and computer rooms all need lighting that suits the activity taking place there. Visual comfort is a key performance factor in acquisition and application of knowledge…

  • Give precedence to natural light, while eliminating its unwanted effects (reflections on screens, glare, etc.).
  • Always allow the occupants to make adjustments as needed from handheld or in-wall controls; for instance, switching from daylight to darkness when using a projector.

Thermal comfort

Overheated or freezing cold classrooms harm students’ concentration and the effectiveness of the teaching they receive.

BAST solutions…

  • Prevent excessive temperature variations with automated solar protection.
    • During summer, they protect interiors from overheating by direct sunlight; during winter, they improve insulation.
    • This is effective even when classrooms are unoccupied.

Energy saving and sustainable investment

For new construction or renovated buildings, teaching establishments have to comply with energy-efficiency regulations and need to be adaptable to any changes in such standards.

BAST solutions…

  • Contribute to effective energy performance for facades.
  • Protect motorized shading devices from bad weather and accidental or deliberate damage.
  • Make buildings’ ground floor secure: roller shutters close automatically when buildings are unoccupied for long periods (for instance: summer vacations).