Smart solutions for larger residential buildings (multi-family units) should not only be for the high-end residential sector, but for all buildings where a low energy consumption and high level of comfort is desired.

New requirements for residential projects

Large multi-family residential buildings need to meet the requirements of new and future environmental performance targets. Building owners might also want to reflect on the economic impact of energy savings, while accommodating an increased comfort to the building’s tenants.

BAST Solutions…

  • Provide thermal and visual comfort which helps protect their privacy, and actively contributes to tenant well-being.
  • Reduce the need for air-conditioning and heating in buildings, which means lower consumption in terms of energy and natural resources.
  • Deliver automated and remote controlled solutions, so that everyone can take advantage of the benefits of technology and complete freedom.
  • Contribute to a better design and construction of buildings, to reduce their operating cost and lengthen their lifespan.

Improve visual & thermal comfort

At home, keeping temperature at a constant level and controlling natural light are key contributors to daily comfort.

BAST solutions…

  • Filter natural light for better resting or creating a different atmosphere.
  • Filter out annoying reflections in monitors and screens, and even provide complete darkness when using projectors.
  • Completely eliminate external light when needed.
  • Prevent excessive temperature variations.

Offer more privacy and new adheres

BAST solutions…

  • Allow occupants to protect their privacy by controlling motorized blinds or curtains individually.
  • Adjust the room environment by controlling the angle of slat on Venetian blinds.
  • Modify interiors by opening or closing curtains.

All of BAST control solutions

Our range of remote controls for operating shades, blinds, screens, awnings, shutters, etc. Our remote controls come with several functions: centralized control, timers, individual or multi-device control, slat adjustment, intuitive interface etc. Find the perfect remote control for you!