Comfort and performance at work

Offices are where most employees spend the majority of their working hours. So it is essential that they are designed and built to provide maximum comfort for their occupants. Productivity depends on it.

Visual comfort U

Visual comfort reduces eye strain and improves long-term well-being. Every type of space – meeting rooms, private or open-plan offices, etc – needs its own lighting mode, adjustable by the occupants using fixed or handheld control units.

BAST solutions…

  • Combine weather sensors, timers, central control units and individual controls to encourage natural lighting and save on artificial lighting.
  • Filter out annoying reflections in monitors and screens, and even provide complete darkness when using projectors.

Thermal comfort

Sudden variations in temperature are disruptive and tiring. A constant, comfortable temperature increases well-being and productivity.

BAST Solutions…

Combine occupancy sensors and temperature sensors to automate control of solar protection and adjust indoor temperatures without manual intervention.

Sustainable investment

The design and build quality of BAST solutions ensure they have a long-term operating life.

BAST solutions…

  • Encourage architectural creativity, providing the building with its own long-term identity and value.
  • Automatically align solar protection fittings, thus improving the appearance of facades.
  • Easily adjust to changes in energy regulations, as well as to changes in the activities of the tenant companies.

Reduction in operating costs

The return on investment is vital for a serviced building. Its equipment must provide long-term performance.