Design, privacy and personal comfort

The hospitality sector is constantly required to meet new demands and new challenges. Its buildings should be able to express the originality of a unique offering that provides increasingly personalized services.

Improve visual & thermal comfort

In guest rooms, reception or meeting areas, keeping temperature at a constant level and controlling natural light are key contributors to the perceived comfort.

BAST solutions…

  • Filter natural light for resting or working in bedrooms.
  • Completely eliminate light from outside when needed.

Offer more privacy and new aesthetic atmospheres

The hotel is a living space. Within it, everyone can protect their privacy and adapt the environment to suit their preferences.

BAST solutions…

  • Allow guests to protect their privacy by controlling motorized blinds or curtains individually.
  • Adjust the room environment by controlling the angle of slat on Venetian blinds.
  • Modify interiors by opening or closing curtains.

Sustainable investment and profitable

Hotel keeps its energy consumption and operating costs down while prolonging the life of its equipment.

BAST solutions…

  • Extend the life of motorized equipment by allowing them to run smoothly.
  • Reduce manual operations and thus maintenance costs in bedrooms.
  • Reduce renovation costs in meeting and conference rooms because motorization is easy to install.