Look after the well-being of all

Buildings dedicated to healthcare share the same primary objective: to take care of patients’ lives. This has a significant impact on their design, construction, and use and energy performance. They do not simply house the patients; they also operate as an intelligent tool for their staff, night and day.

Attending to patients’ comfort

Patients’ well-being is a priority. The right level of warmth and light can have a positive influence on their state of health.

BAST solutions…

  • Allow patients to control their own individual visual and thermal comfort, with personal automatic control devices.
  • Prioritize natural lighting by filtering out excessive sunlight.

Optimize facility management

With constantly rising health care costs, most public or private hospitals have to comply with strict financial and budget restraints.

BAST solutions…

  • Enable natural light to increase patient comfort, reducing their need for pain relief by 22% and significantly shortening their stay.
  • Cut energy consumption (healthcare establishment’s use 3 to 5 times more energy than the average commercial building).
  • Extend the life of motorized sun protection fittings through judder-free operation.
  • Easily adapt to changes in energy regulations.

Create the best working environment for the care staff

Optimize the attendance of each member of the care staff means ensuring the environment is conducive to their work.

BAST solutions…

  • Give the best visual comfort according to the kind of work being done.
  • Avoid need for repetitive tasks such as lowering blinds individually on extremely hot days. This saves time for staff which they can use to help patients.